Biodiversity & Environment

19 May 16
Our environmental commitment at Hampstead Manor isn’t just about limiting our impact; it’s about enhancing and supporting long-term ecological balance through sustainable, considerate development.
Biodiversity & Environment


Hampstead Manor will undergo a programme of landscaping and works to add to the existing biodiversity on site, as identified in our specially commissioned Management and Education Plan for the development of this Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC). The works will comply with our Section 106 agreement and contribute greatly to the biodiversity of the wider conservation area.

For more details of the initiatives below see our Ecology Report and SINC Management Plan.

Works to improve biodiversity will include:

  • Planning & Monitoring: We will ensure the development, implementation and monitoring of a detailed plan to protect and enhance the site’s biodiversity. This will be in line with both our SINC Management Plan and S106 agreement.

  • Trees & Shrubbery: The tree officer from London Borrough of Camden will oversee the observation of Tree Preservation Orders, establish root protection zones and ensure that all works are in line with our SINC Management Plan. Work in this area will see the replacement of some existing flora and will include the introduction of new native tree species across the site.

  • Birds & Bats: New roosting areas for bats and birds will ensure safe homes for existing local populations and encourage new species to take up residence at Hampstead Manor. Our commitment to protecting and improving diversity in bat and bird populations also includes insect-friendly planting and green roofing, habitats for insects and bugs and complementary tree species.

  • Minibeast Habitats: The Hampstead Manor site contains a number of habitats for bees, insects and other minibeasts. Key to ensuring the safety and improved biodiversity of minibeasts on site is the protection of woodland edge habitats and the introduction of layered vegetation.

  • The Summerhouse: The Grade II Listed Summerhouse will be protected, moved to the western courtyard, and sensitively restored as an arts and biodiversity education centre for the community.


Environmental Management

We strive at all times to contribute positively to the environments that we work in. Best practice principles are fundamentally ingrained in how our people and subcontractors will work at Hampstead Manor. This ensures that any environmental impact is reduced or mitigated at source and encourages a culture of awareness, care and shared responsibility.

See our Environmental Impact Assessment for more information on our environmental management. Works to minimise our impact on site will include:

  • Technology: We will invest in leading-edge monitoring and pollution reduction technology equipment where possible. This will include technology to live monitor dust, noise and pollution levels on site.

  • Noise Limitation: We will erect acoustic screens on site to limit noise pollution in the immediate area and working hours on site will be strictly monitored and enforced.

  • Air Quality Assessments: We will regularly be assessing air quality and ensuring we are working in line with our best practice guides including the GLA’s SPG supplementary planning guidance with regards to the control of dust and emissions

  • For more information on our award-winning environmental commitment visit Mount Anvil’s dedicated health, safety and environment portal.